Coolectrics specialises in refrigeration for small to medium scale commercial kitchens, motels, farms and rural enterprise. Takeaway stores, school canteens, cafes and hotels throughout the Wagga Wagga region are amongst our preferred clientele.


Cool Room Service and Supply
Freezer Service and Supply
Preventative Maintenance

Reliability and efficiency – two qualities you want in refrigeration and your refrigeration technicians!

Coolectrics ensures the peace of mind that more than 20 years experience in the specialised field of cool room and freezer supply and servicing can provide.

Refrigeration electricians are not unlike any trained professional with an interest and a set of skills particular to their specialty.

Coolectrics specialises in refrigeration for small to medium scale commercial kitchens, motels, farms and rural enterprise. Takeaway stores, school canteens, cafes and hotels throughout the Wagga Wagga region are amongst our preferred clientele.

We take an interest in our clients and and we want to build and maintain a relationship that gives you confidence in our service and our skills.

Our highly trained technicians can determine and recommend the appropriate condensing unit and evaporator for your application, providing quotation, sales and servicing.

Refrigeration is a costly investment. Our partnership with you extends to the provision of a service plan that will maintain the efficiency and lifespan of your unit.

Preventative maintenance programs safeguard against equipment failure however, in the event your cold storage was to stop working, you can feel confident in our ability to get you up and running with as minimal downtime or financial loss as possible.

With extensive experience in commercial refrigeration installation, mechanical services and repairs in Wagga Wagga and surrounding areas, Coolectrics will work with you to ensure system installations and repairs create little disruption to the running of your business.

Cold storage is our specialty – contact us now to arrange for an obligation free assessment of your equipment, a recommended maintenance plan or a cold storage solution to suit your needs.

Air Conditioning

Coolectrics are proud to be installers and warranty agents for Panasonic, Fujitsu, Toshiba Carrier, Mitsubishi Electrics and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning units. All warranty and repairs associated with these brands can be completed by our technicians.

Air Conditioning

Split systems or ducted systems
Preventative Maintenance
Commercial / Industrial
Panasonic | Toshiba | Fujitsu | Mitsubishi

Coolectrics supplies, installs and maintains a range of air conditioning systems from split systems to ducted systems.

We are fussy about the company we keep and have developed relationships with only the best – Panasonic, Toshiba Carrier, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi.

Over 20 years experience with leading brands ensures we are supplying and installing reputable, reliable and cost efficient air conditioning systems best suited to your home and lifestyle.

Working closely with our clients we deliver on time and on budget.

Coolectrics air conditioning technicians and electricians can help you determine the most effective air conditioning option for you whether you require cooling only, or reverse cycle for year round climate control.

Split system air conditioners are divided into two main parts. The outside unit containing the condenser and compressor is located on the outside of the building, while the interior unit containing the evaporator is mounted on an interior wall, or in the ceiling of the room that is to be cooled or heated.

The benefits here include less space required inside, reduction of interior noise and several interior units can be connected to a single exterior unit in some instances creating a small zone.

Split system air conditioning is an energy efficient means of climate control.

A split system is operated by remote control, allowing you to be 100 per cent in charge of the temperature of the zone or room in which the unit is installed. They can be programmed to maintain a set temperature and turn off and on automatically.

Like a split system, ducted systems can heat or cool a space rapidly, however a ducted system can be applied to multiple zones within the home – temperature adjustment, operation mode and fan speed are all at your fingertips.

A ducted air conditioning system differs from a split system in that the entire unit is concealed. This is generally in the roof space of your property but it can also be housed outside the home. Concealed ducting directs the air to multiple rooms or zones where only the vents are visible.

Don’t be confused by the options. We can tailor an air conditioning system to your needs, budget and the layout of your home.

Call Coolectrics for honest advice, prompt installation and reliable after sales service.

Preventative Maintenance

Like your motor vehicle, air conditioning requires a financial investment. To maintain peak performance we recommend you adhere to a scheduled maintenance program.

Air conditioning units receive more use than cars in general on a daily basis and need to be maintained to be kept running efficiently and to prolong the life of the unit.

Commercial & Industrial

Efficiency, reliability and cost effective operation underpin the requirements of air conditioning in a commercial or industrial environment.

We work with small to large scale applications and utilise variable refrigerant flow control systems where appropriate for energy savings, installation flexibility, large capacity in compact, space saving units and high reliability.

Whether a new build or re-assessment of your air conditioning requirements, the Coolectrics team will determine the most suitable installation for your individual requirements.

Electrical Services

Coolectrics cover everything electrical. The same commitment and dedication to client satisfaction is a specialty from our staff be it a single power point, house rewire or new wiring system. No job is too big or too small.

Electrical Services

Power and light circuits
New residential and commercial electrical wiring system
BMS Wiring and board Upgrades
Wiring system upgrades
Switchgear upgrades

Domestic Electrical Services

Coolectrics team of qualified electricians provide electrical services across all domestic applications including wiring for new dwellings, wiring system upgrades and switchboard upgrades.

All work is undertaken and completed in line with the latest ANZ 3000 standards and we pride ourselves on the level of our accreditation and commitment to ongoing training.

Why would a switchboard upgrade be necessary?

Outdated switchboards are not only prone to short circuits, their fuses are more susceptible to catching fire, or providing an electric shock.

Old switchboards were not created to accommodate the load placed on them today, with computers, air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, fitness equipment and home theatre systems utilised in day to day living.

If you experience frequent power tripping, it could be your board letting you know it is too small to cater to all the kitchen and household appliances we utilise.


Wiring and switchboard upgrades in commercial premises is a specialised field.



As a lot of air conditioners and electrical equipment are sometimes used more than most of us use our cars, it’s only fitting they get regular interval services. This enables our team to pick up on any issues that could lead to your equipment failure and break down when you need it the most. Part of our intensive service is to remove any build-up of toxic mould, fungi or bacteria so not to disperse into the atmosphere as well as checking for any faults within system by testing and recording refrigerant charge, temperature and running efficiency of equipment.


Coolectrics can organise and implement a preventative maintenance program in all domestic, commercial and industrial applications. We can arrange a meeting and site visit where we will assess and recommend a site specific preventative maintenance program for all your air conditioning and electrical equipment. Your air conditioning and electrical equipment needs to be prepared for the harsh environmental conditions that we have in our region. We take responsibility in preparing your equipment for these conditions as the last thing you need when you’re at your busiest is to have equipment failure.


Being licenced and qualified in both the air conditioning and electrical fields, this gives the Coolectrics team the industry edge in being able to offer customer support and technical advice, in times when two of your most needed utilities, air conditioning and electrical power have let you down. We pride ourselves in our knowledge and understanding of both fields as to guarantee we will get you back and operational with as little down time as possible. At Coolectrics, we understand how busy your life can be. With over 20 years collective experience, if we cannot fix your problem we have and know, the correct channels to use to give you peace of mind your problem will be fixed in a professional and speedy manner.



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